Psychic Medium  Shawn Leonard

pjila'si gjinisgam - Mi'kmaq Language Pronounced (êp·chi·laa·si - êk·chi·nis·kam)

Translation - Welcome Great Spirit


My name is Shawn Leonard and I am a Psychic Medium living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
I was gifted with the knowledge of my psychic abilities when I was 17 years old after my Father passed away from a massive heart attack. After his passing I had an enlightening visitation with my Father from the Otherside. I was made aware that I do have an ability to connect and receive information and messages from Spiritual Guides and the Spirit of people who are deceased and are now in Spirit. 
With this ability I am able to help you better understand your journey on earth and connect to those who have made the transition into spirit.
I moved to Nova Scotia from Calgary, Alberta in July of 2009.
I was working in Calgary as a Psychic Medium for many years. I have helped many people from all around the world which included working with the RCMP in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Halifax City Police.

My Journey continues here on the East Coast.

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How I Connect

I am Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Claircognizant

In other words... I can See, Feel, Hear and Know from Spirit

Everything comes through me not from you. I do not use Tarot cards or any tools.

I trust whatever and however spirit chooses to communicate their messages through me.

I Record all of my readings on CD

Email me to setup a Reading and please include your phone number

I look forward to speaking with you


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