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Canada's own Psychic Medium Shawn Leonard

Media Appearance on C100

Shawn Leonard On C100 morning the Breakfast Club with Brad Dryden, Moya Farrell and Peter Harrison.

Canada's Most recognized  Psychic Medium

Proving every reading that the connection to the Spirit world is Real!

Psychic Medium Shawn Leonard Events 

Shawn Leonard hosts many events around Canada. This is a Private Event in Halifax Nova Scotia.

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Working with Spirit to Heal Hearts.
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pjila'si gjinisgam - Mi'kmaq Language Pronounced (êp·chi·laa·si - êk·chi·nis·kam)

Translation - Welcome Great Spirit

My name is Shawn Leonard and I am a Psychic Medium and a proud Mi'kmaq aboriginal person living just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I was gifted with the knowledge of my psychic abilities when I was 16 years old, after my father passed away from a massive heart attack. After his passing I had an enlightening visitation with my father from the Spirit World.

I was made aware that I do have an ability to connect and receive information and messages from Spiritual Guides and the Spirit of people who are deceased and are now in the Spirit world.

With this ability I am able to help you connect to those who have made the transition into the Spirit world and help you better understand your journey on earth.

I moved to Nova Scotia from Calgary, Alberta in July of 2009. I was working in Calgary, as a Psychic Medium for many years. I have helped many people from all around the world which included working with the RCMP in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Halifax City Police.

I feel very privileged to connect with so many people seeking me out to make the connection to the Spirit world. I am honored that you were guided to me so that I can share the work that I love.

My Mi'kmaq name given to me by Mi'kmaq elder Joe Michael

"White Eagle Spirit Talker"

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