How does Shawn connect to the Spirit World?

 "I am Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, ClaircognizantIn other words... I have the ability of inner Sight, inner Feeling, inner Hearing and Knowing from Spirit. Everything comes through me, not from you. I do not not use Tarot cards or any tools to do my readings. I trust whatever and however spirit chooses to communicate their messages of validation through me."


Will Shawn record the reading?

    Yes, he records all readings on a digital recorder as an MP3. Clients receive a download link. In office clients can opt for a CD.


Will my loved one come through?

Shawn connects to many people and sometimes animals in Spirit. But cannot guarantee who will show up and will not. However, Spirit does show up at every reading and communicates who they are and their messages of validation and continued connection and Love.


Do I need to bring any pictures or Items to the Reading?


    No, and if you do, please do not show them to Shawn before the reading.


Does anything negative or fearful get said in a reading?


  Absolutely not!!! Everything I share from the spirit world is from a good place and love. Read my testimonials for more on this subject.

How do I know Shawn Leonard is a good Psychic Medium?

    Word of mouth is the strongest recommendation. 98% of all Shawn's readings are referrals by people who have either seen him live at an event or experienced a reading themselves.   
Please see the testimonial pages to get a feel for what people think of his ability. Every single one of the testimonials are 100% real. Some people have included their full names and others only their first for personal reasons.

  Shawn has been asked to appear on numerous Radio Stations, TV Shows and asked for Interviews for different Newspapers.