Serena Dyer (Private Skype reading - Florida)

“Shawn Leonard has a true gift, a unique ability to see beyond what most of us are capable of seeing, and his willingness to share that with the world is a blessing to us all. I highly recommend his work as he has personally delivered to me personal and profound insight.”

Tony and Sharon Nova Scotia - (In Person reading)

Our reading was amazingly curing for my wife and I who lost our son to suicide years before. He came through as did others and we can't thank you enough. What has happened is, we put together something you said last year that didn't make sense but does now.  I just listened to the CD and you describing something Jordon our son was showing you. You said, "I see something that looks like guitar strings or string. It's holding something together or possibly hanging something with it but it looks like guitar string".   You spent quite a bit of time trying to get us to see it but it didn't make sense. This has to be what Jordon was trying to show you in the photos attached.  It's a piece of art, he made for me when he was 6 or 7 years old in school. You can see where he scribbled his name on the back. I cherish it dearly. This little piece of art hangs by that wire (that could be mistaken for a guitar string) on my car dash right in front of me. I look at it often and touch it when I talk to Jordon. Thank you Shawn. We wanted you to know that. It was a big "Ah-ha" moment for us and wanted you to know.

Sending love and happiness always.


Denise Milsom - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia - (In Person reading & Live Event)

I have had so many things happen since my first reading in 2013. In my first private reading Shawn told me things that he could have never known!! I had lost my Mom 4 months prior to this reading,and wanted to know if she made it to the other side. I had went to another medium prior to Shawn and she told me my mom was to sick to go to heaven,but she was ok! I was not ok with this at all,and everyday that passed I was unsettled. After he told me a few things about my Dad,and them reuniting,I had a sense of peace for the first time. I was also very lucky to be chosen in a group reading,and again it was spot on! He is truely amazing and has made my life so much better knowing what I know now.
Keep doing what you are doing,and making people happy and at peace here on earth.
Thank you so much for your gift

Lisa O'Neil, Live Event

I’m writing this testimonial in order for everyone to know what a wonderful, powerful, & amazing gift that Shawn has.

We had our session with Shawn in Nov of 2016.  It started out with Shawn asking if I had 2 boys under the age of 5, which was correct.  He then asked if my husband and I were done having children and at that point we were unsure if we were going to have anymore children.  He said if you decided to I see you having a girl.  

Later in the session my grandmother came through and was showing Shawn the sign of an Anniversary in Oct/Nov (but it wasn’t a Birthday). He said it would be an Anniversary of a death but at the time I couldn’t think of anything.  He then asked if someone had lost a child and then it all came together.  I had said yes I had a miscarriage around this time 2 years ago.  And he told me that my grandmother was looking after the spirt of the baby I had miscarried which to him felt like a girl.  He said if my husband and I decided we were to have another child that it would be our little girl and it would be her time to come to us.  She was not ready for the physical world before as she’s very particular. 

Well in Feb of 2017 we found out we were expecting in October and on October 15 we had our beautiful baby girl.  

She’s truly a gift from above and we named her after my husband’s grandmother and my grandmother as we know she has guardian angels looking out  for her.

Thank you so much Shawn for sharing your beautiful gift with us. 

Victoria Fry, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Private Reading)

I had my first reading with Shawn last week after having seen him in a live show back in March of this year. He was amazing in the show and during our one on one session. I was able to hear from my loved ones and ease my worries/guilt/curiosities about so many things during this session. It was always really great confirmation that there is more to life than just what we see and that our loved ones are happy and always with us. It was also really neat that a couple of other people, not related to me, came through and I was able to share messages with their loved ones too. Shawn did a great job of putting me at ease right away and just being a totally normal guy with some pretty special gifts - I still can't get over some of the details he was able to share with me. Thank you so much, Shawn, you have an incredible gift and I am so fortunate that you were able to share it with me... you have had a really positive impact on my life after just an hour with you.

Angela Moss, Holden, Alberta (Private Reading)

I got a reading with Shawn at the end of may I AM connected to spirit as well and I needed confirmation that day, he just blew me away. I have had 4 deaths in a year and going through a very hard time anyways he got all the initials of my loved ones and get very specific information that absolutely no one would ever know toward the end of reading he told me my soul family would be bringing me a religious medallion of some kind just the other day I went to my brothers grave and as I got there I came across a medallion of arch angel michael just sitting on his tombstone there was nothing else there it was just waiting for me to find it omg what a confirmation I tell you I'm so grateful for his gifts he helped me a lot of my hurt and I AM grateful and would definitely recommend him to anyone I'm still very blown away by his accuracy thank you Shawn for this amazing reading IAM so very grateful

Kim Brunt, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Private Reading)

I just want to let you know that the experience I and my daughter had with our reading was an amazing experience that we will never forget.
You mentioned names that I would not of thought you could know , as we have not said a name as myself and my daughter went to you for the very 1st time we did not know what to expect but you did make us feel so very amazed with this experience with our reading as you did say to me that my husband should go and be checked out by the Dr . Because of what you said to myself and my daughter my husband did go to the Dr and was checked as you mentioned to have checked.
You had also mentioned something of the fact about this month of( November) that something was going to take place and when it would happen we would understand what you were meaning ,
Well as this month ( November 2016) there has been a few things that took place , as these happened I looked at my family and said "This is what Shawn probably meant" And I am positive it truly was .Shawn you have a very special gift and the experience both my daughter and myself had with you I was amazed by everything you had said and as of today Nov 28, 2016 even though our reading was done on Nov 8th 2016. I am still amazed it was totally worth it. This Christmas will be our 1st yr without my Mother you told us that she will be with us on Christmas well Shawn we as the family are going to have Christmas and wait for Mom to be with us as you said she will be.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, You are a very gifted person .




Kristine - Halifax April 2015

Hi Shawn, I don't expect you to remember me, I had a reading just over a year ago a few years after I lost my Dad. I came into the reading sad and lost about losing my Dad. When I left, I left with a weight lifted off of my shoulders and a whole new outlook on life. You gave me all of the answers I was seeking about my fathers passing and encouraged me to move forward with my life. I removed all of the negative from my life (including ending a long term toxic friendship) and have never felt better. So thank you for that, you have an amazing gift. But the main reason I wanted to message you is because you told me my husband and I were going to adopt a baby girl. I thought, there is no way that would happen. But obviously you know better because well, long story short, we brought our baby girl home not too long ago. What a true miracle. So, the whole point of this very long message (and for that I apologize) is I just wanted to say thank you for giving me hope and for giving me my life back, you truly are an Angel here on earth.

I felt happier after speaking to you. You are down to earth, and gave me the best reading I ever had. Once again, thank you.

Theresa Rankin

Kelsee, Cape Breton (Reading at Live Show/Event In Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia)

I would like to thank you for such an amazing experience. You have helped me heal in so many ways, and told me things I have needed to hear for almost 10 years..Knowing that my loved ones are ok and at peace is something so special! You have an amazing gift and are so down to earth! I left the show feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and felt for the first time, that I can begin to move on, because I got the validation of knowing my loved ones are still with me. It was an experience I will never forget and always treasure!! I was not overly skeptical, but I still wanted solid proof, and I got it from you! Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart..

Wendy Conrad, Timberlea, Nova Scotia

Shawn! I am amazed by you :-) I came to you not knowing, not sure if I believed, and went away flying high. I spoke to my father earlier in the day in my own head, asked him to say something, to DO something so that I would know what you told me was real. Little did I know he granted my wish until I came to you and you asked me, randomly and on behalf of my father, if I was "finding the dimes". For all of those of you who were like me, unsure, ... a little before I left for my appointment with Shawn I was taking a load of laundry out of the dryer and a dime fell out and on top of my pile of laundry (not a penny, not a quarter... a DIME!). There was no one home but me and why would I think to mention that to anyone anyway?? That's one example of several during my reading that told me for sure that my loved ones came through for me. The whole experience was more than I could have imagined. I will be forever grateful and Shawn, I will see you again! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! <3 

Geraldine Leblanc - Moncton, New Brunswick submitted Dec 20th 2015

Three years ago I bought a ticket for your show in Moncton. I was really nervous about this event. I decided to go a little early so I could get a really good parking place. When I got there you were there waiting for someone to open the doors for you. You thought I was that person. You got out of your car and came over to ask me if I had the keys and I said no I'm here for the an vent for a psychic medium. You said I'm Shawn Leonard. I was shocked we talked for a few minutes then all of a sudden: "Your Mom has been gone for quite a long time hasn't she. I said yes, 41 years. You said wow that's a long time. She wants you to know that she loves you very much and she is very proud of you". I thought ok anybody can tell me that. "You have a daughter who lives far away from you like in another province" I said yes she lives in Cole Harbor in NS. "She has 2 children a girl Sarah 7 years old and a boy Kyle he's a baby". That blew me away you see my Mom passed away when I was 19 years old, my oldest daughter was 6 weeks old. She never saw my other 2 daughters and the one that lives in NS is the youngest. Wow. "Your husband and your other daughter Louise were in a really bad accident about 8 years ago and they could have been killed. She wants you to know she was there and she protected them." Wow. "Your husband gives you flowers quite frequently doesn't he?" Yes he does. "She says she is there with him when he buys them. Wow. "You also have a sister who passed away recently, something in her side really painful" Yes she had cancer of her Gallbladder. "She has a message for someone with the letter "J" she wants you to tell that person that she loves them". My sister's daughter's name is Joanne. I was speechless, my Mom came through and I got my reading right in the parking lot. WOW WOW WOW. I was so blown away by that. SECOND TESTIMONIAL: Mom was the first one to come through and again I was blown away. I had made a flower bed in the back of my house and no one knew about that "She says you talk to her everyday. You even ask her to go shopping with you and she does. She even helps you pick your clothes." I said yeah I was looking for a shirt or a blouse and the first time I went by there was nothing I liked. I asked her can you help me find something and there is was. I chuckled. "She loves what you did with your flower bed in your backyard." Wow again I was blown away. "She loves the color blue and she sees it downstairs, she knows about the rings and they are inside a jewelry box and you wear them once in a while. Couldn't figure that one out right away then it hit me. My oldest daughter's bedroom is downstairs in the basement of my house, she loves the color blue and she has her rings in her jewelry box and she wears them when she goes out. Wow. Now I know she watches over my daughter too. That is so amazing. To sum it up these messages from My Mom have brought peace to my heart. I know now that when I see signs (feathers, yellow birds, blue jays, money) that she is there. It has changed my life profoundly. I know that when my Journey is over and it is time for me to go Home that she and all my love ones will be there to help me cross over. The best part is that I know now that when my time comes my family will know that I too will always be near them and that is the best gift ever. You have an amazing gift Shawn, thank you for bringing me so much Peace and Love in my life. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

You have helped me heal in so many ways, and told me things I have needed to hear for almost 10 years

- Kelsee

Leonard LeBlanc - Moncton, New Brunswick submitted Dec 20th, 2015

I was really amazed at the accuracy of my reading. I received some amazing messages from my family and my friends. I received some amazing messages from my parents. I had questions to asked them and you provided the answers before I had a chance to ask them. Wow I thought that was really amazing. My parents separated when I was 5 years old and my sister and I were given up and I always wondered why my Mom gave me up. I was put in a very abusive family. It felt so good to hear my Mom explained that she couldn"t take care of us because she had no money and she even asked for my forgiveness. That felt really good to hear that. She also told me she was very proud of what I had done with my life and that she was very proud of the man I had become. It felt really good to hear that because she had never told me before. I was blown away also when my Dad came through to tell me he was very happy with the arrangements I had made for my Mom when she passed away. Again wow. i was shocked to hear that they knew I was a Grandfather also and that my Mom is watching over my Grandson that is pretty cool. Wow I was hoping to hear from my good friend Johnny and I did. Sometimes I feel his presence and I was really happy when you told me it was real. Johnny had a message for his wife "That he was still with her and that he loved and for her to be happy". When I relayed the message to his wife Doreen she was blown away she told me she had been seeing signs from her husband. Up till then she was really sad about Christmas, she wasn't sure whether she was going to put a Christmas tree or not; after my phone call she put her tree up and then she called her friends up and told them she had received an early Christmas present from me "A message from Johnny" it felt really good that I had been able to bring back joy and happiness in her heart. I guess the one that really blew my mind was: I am building a 51 chev pick up and you blew me away when you told me the color I had painted the truck. My buddy kept saying something about mats I didn't understand what he meant until I talked to his wife "Again I am blown away by this. Johnny had bought some for one of his cars it is the matting you put on the floor to stopped the heat and the noise. Wow Message about the front end someone named Bob it hit me after another friend of mine Bob Hubley he gave me the coil over shocks on my truck again wow wow. Up until now I was amazed at hearing other people talk about this; I always wondered how it would feel if it happened to me. Well now thanks to your amazing gift that you have Shawn I know how it feels. Thank you so much for bringing joy and peace back in my heart. I am so looking forward to another reading in the near future. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am so grateful.


Jody Sampson, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing gift you gave me. To hear from my loved ones was so special and I will carry it with me forever. Ever since my cousin passed away 6 years ago I have felt this heavy weight on my chest every time I thought about her. I woke up this morning and that weight was gone and I feel like myself again. You have truly healed my spirit and given me some peace in my life for which I will be eternally grateful. You are an amazing person with a beautiful gift and I thank god for putting you on this earth.
Kelsey Goucher, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Thank you for the session, you have an amazing gift that helps in the lives of many. Thank you so much for not only allowing me to communicate with my loved ones but also give me insight into what's to come in my life. Not everyone is able to accept that death ends life in the physical world but not the spiritual world and that is what gets me through my hard days. As my life goes on I realized how often I wish I could know for sure that those loved ones were still around, were proud, knew I loved them and that they were okay and yesterday you gave me the answers to all of those things. Well you said them but they told you, and now I have closure, now I have found some peace in my heart to know and to wholeheartedly know they are truly always with me. I enjoyed my time with you and how easy you were to talk to. I am certain I will see you again.


D. Christie, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I have had several readings done by Shawn. The first was done after the death of a family member. Shawn's gift has been a blessing every time. Any doubts I might have had in his abilities as a psychic medium were quickly resolved during our first meeting. "He's the real thing".

Theresa Rankin, Halifax NS

Shawn, your reading has far exceeded my expectations. Yes, I thought I wanted to hear from my dad but the things you said were amazing. You said my mom's name and dad said hello to her and said he loved her. Dad mentioned my son and how he should keep an eye on his neck. He had a problem with his neck when he was younger, but its fine now. You mentioned that the windows should be looked at in mom's apartment and she said sometimes there is a draft. You were right on about a number of things. I felt happier after speaking to you. You are down to earth, and gave me the best reading I ever had. Once again, thank you. I know my father who died in a tragic accident is at peace. I feel hopeful and more peaceful that things will work out for me. Keep up the good work. You are doing an amazing job!!! I will certainly recommend you. Theresa Rankin

T. Tomilson – Nova Scotia

I had a session with Shawn Leonard in May 2013. There are few words to adequately express how impressed I was/am by his remarkable ability/gift but let me make an attempt… I felt very comfortable in Shawn’s presence immediately, as he has such a warm, open and gentle manner. My main purpose was to connect with departed loved ones and this session was everything I had hoped for and more!! Shawn fully explained how he receives and shares information and he got right to it. When people say “He is the real deal” - I have to agree whole-heartedly! He quickly, and ‘naturally’ began to bring through comforting communications from several of my loved ones with incredibly accurate descriptions and specific facts - in some cases even their names and ages! He also shared messages with regards to my current personal issues and he responded to any questions I had. I came away from our session feeling like I had just had the most wonderful visit with these family and friends once again. It was sincere, comforting, healing, light-hearted, and even amusing at times…But in a word – AMAZING! When I shared the CD of my reading with my husband, (not quite a skeptic - but somewhat less of a believer), he was blown away by the accuracy of the information and also comforted by messages that ‘came through’ just for him. Thank you Shawn, for sharing your healing and trans-formative gift. As powerful in it’s healing potential, as you are compassionately gentle in your expression and delivery. Bless you.

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing gift you gave me. To hear from my loved ones was so special and I will carry it with me forever.

Jody Sampson

Marsha Tanner, Halifax

I had the privilege of being in the company of Shawn in 2010.I have suffered pain and loss over the years and have tried to find healing and strength and peace over the years. I had received messages from departed loved ones with the help of Shawn's gift that I know to be true and accurate. They were very personal private things that were only known to me and the other person. I was able to have things confirmed that I already deep down hoped I knew but it is no greater feeling than having it validated. It gives you a sense of peace in knowing that our loved ones are truly never gone and walk with us throughout our life events even after they are physically gone from our lives. There truly is a bridge across forever and people like Shawn are able to help us find it so that we may connect with our loved ones until such time that our higher power tells us it is time to make our journey across and rejoin our loved ones forever . I Hope our paths cross again sometime and I hope my friend finds you as well.

Tasia, Halifax NS

Medium that helped me connect with my higher self, Spirit guides and received messages from passed loved ones. He is very professional and knowledgeable and he conducts his sessions in a beautiful relaxing atmosphere. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Lola Leblanc, Moncton NB

If Anyone is looking for a very good Psychic Medium ......I for one have found this guy is so good. If anyone of you ever watch Long Island Medium? He is just like her I was lucky enough to have a reading with him. He just blew me away! I got the chance to talk to my Love ones and believe me I cried my eyes out. I was so happy to connect with them it was an experience I will never forget...... His Name is .......Shawn Leonard ........If anybody wants to unforgettable experience.

Barbara Bishop- Carbonear, Newfoundland March 2016

It was the most incredible experience sitting with Shawn via Facetime last November in the comfort of my own home. Our best friend passed away a year ago and Shawn, with no hesitation, knew his name and was able to connect with him and deliver some important messages to us, his grieving family and friends. Nothing of his accident was ever posted to the public and Shawn's details of the scene and accident were "spot on" accurate which was amazing to us.....we knew shortly into the reading that Shawn was the "real deal". Our time with Shawn awarded us the much needed peace and contentment of mind, heart and soul to assist us though such a great loss. Acknowledging that our friend is sending daily signs that he is still close by helps us go on. I am so grateful that I was guided to Shawn Leonard and look forward to seeing him again soon. God Bless!


Sharon Fralic, Halifax NS

Prior to visiting with Shawn I had so many unanswered questions. I couldn’t figure out why I was awake every night and felt like I had a broken sleep. I felt like there was always a presence and knew that the connection was with my sister. He confirmed that. He knew things about her and my family no one could have known. He brought calming into my life. My sister has been gone 26 years and everyday I missed her. Now I miss her in a totally different way. He reconnected us and I feel although she in spirit she’s still with me and my family everyday. I smile more! My son recently at the age of 9 lost his dad and thanks to Shawn my son had some calming as well after listening to the disk provided. He knew details of his dad, symptoms of his disease, detailed and information no one else could have. My son knows his dad is every where he is and knows even in spirit form his dad loves and misses him. My main reasons for going to see Shawn, I heard great things about him. I heard he was real, I know he is real. He will bring peace to you and your life, you will be happy you made the first step. That is to connect. Will I go back, absolutely without a doubt. A wonderful experience for my first time. You know when something’s real – he is real, I trusted, believed and walked away knowing my loved ones are safe. I have already recommended him to many friends.

Jennifer Syme, Calgary AB

"Shawn is a very gifted psychic medium, and I have had a reading with him. He is extremely warm and caring, and makes you feel comfortable immediately. I did not have to say anything. Shawn brought through all my loved ones from the other side, with very personal messages and insights. He was very accurate, and knew the names of my loved ones, as well as many other details. Shawn spent a long time with me, and gave me a copy of the reading which I cherish. I felt elated after my reading, and so will you."

Darlene Caldwell, Brooklyn NS

Hi Shawn.....I've been meaning to thank you so very much for the tremendous part you have played in my healing process...I began doubting my faith when my Mom passed last Aug...I started thinking there was nothing once we died , no "other side" However, everything changed after my reading with you...there were so many things that could not have possibly known, but did!!.... But when you were talking with my Mom and stopped, looked at me and ask if I did something or had some sort of ritual when I put on my socks?? Well I almost fell off my chair. That morning, before heading over to see you I actually put on a pair of my Mom's ones she knit herself .....and I said to her aloud " OK Mom...this is it, I need validation, I need to know if there is something more, that you are still with me, you hear my each and every word, that I am not Mom I'm wearing your socks today....and all you need to do is come through today and mention the socks, please Mom just mention the socks " and be darned, she did just that, loud and clear!! So days when I'm down, feeling doubts, missing my beautiful, loving mother and wishing she was still with me, I remind myself of that exact moment....I talk to her out loud everyday now Shawn...and sometimes, I can actually feel her thank you Shawn, this is long over due....Like I tell everyone who asks, and even some who don't are without a doubt, the real deal ......thank you again ...hugs


Faye Schindelka Author of "Poppies From Heaven"

I contacted Shawn Leonard for a telephone reading on a whim a few weeks following my brother’s death. I’d come across his website and was impressed with his testimonials. I had some personal issues I was having difficulty with that were unrelated to my brother’s death. I figured I’d perhaps gain some clarity on these issues and at the same time speak to Shawn about the signs and communications I’d been receiving from my brother. Shawn began the reading by asking me please to not offer him any information. He instructed me to try to limit my answers to ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ He immediately tuned into my guides and told me that he was being shown how much I love ‘pretty things that hang from the ceiling,’ and that I had them all over my home. He then said that my guide sends me rainbows to remind me to lighten up. I was nearly rendered speechless. “Yes,” I told him emphatically. At that very moment, I was lying on my couch, staring up at a rainbow of prismatic light that danced on my ceiling. It was a refraction of light from a crystal that I had dangling from the ceiling in a corner of my living room. Along with this crystal, I also have many other sparkly items hanging from my ceiling; a red etched glass star, a purple crystal globe, a chandelier with added hanging decorations, a glass candle holder, and a myriad of other singular dangling crystals in various rooms of my house. Psychic medium Shawn Leonard then began to mention a male guide of mine that he said helped me to write and communicate ideas. He kept insisting that he saw a ‘book’ of some sort in my future and that he saw my life purpose in general as being a ‘communicator of ideas.’ At the time of the reading, I had no inkling or idea of any kind to personally write a book and I told him that I believed he was tuning into my song-writing endeavors or perhaps some illustrations I had done for a friend who had written a poem that she was considering publishing into a children’s book. While he did not negate my song-writing interests or illustrations for the children’s book, he kept swaying back to ‘a book’ of my own and he even said that my brother was verifying this for him. Disinterested, I simply encouraged him to move on and told myself that he was getting ‘mixed signals’ regarding my song-writing. I actually did not even remember about his continued reference to ‘a book,’ until I was well into the writing of my book about life after death, Poppies From Heaven. I was casually perusing the notes I had taken during my reading with Shawn and was stunned as I read about and then fully recalled Shawn’s insistence that my brother kept showing him something about a book I would write. Shawn also said that he was getting the number eleven around my brother and was being told that this was of importance. He also said that my brother had chosen the specific day of his death as he wanted to be ‘remembered.’ My brother Murray died in his sleep on the morning of 11/11, which is Remembrance Day in Canada. This is just a sampling of the stunning accuracies psychic medium Shawn Leonard hit upon during my reading. He was extremely warm, compassionate and professional, actually going a bit over the allotted hour I had paid for. It is clear that Shawn Leonard has an incredible gift and I’d highly recommend him to anyone seeking proof of life after death and assurance that their deceased loved one continues to live on. I liked the fact that Shawn is both a psychic and a medium in the sense that not only does he tune into the spirits of deceased loved ones, but he also tunes into guides and future events and circumstances.

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