“Shawn Leonard has a true gift, a unique ability to see beyond what most of us are capable of seeing, and his willingness to share that with the world is a blessing to us all. I highly recommend his work as he has personally delivered to me personal and profound insight.” - Serena Dyer


Spirit Talker Tribe is a

12 month online course


Starts September 7th 2019

Ends September 30th

@ Midnight

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 Spirit Talker Cruise Workshop 2019 - Join Shawn Leonard on a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise aboard the Holland America's NEW Cruise ship - "Nieuw Statendam" We will be cruising through the beautiful Western Caribbean, soothing your Body, Mind & Soul. During this incredible relaxing time, share in teachings from Shawn that will expand your Spirit. It is going to be an experience of a lifetime; one you will not want to miss! Space is Limited so save your place today!

December 8th 2019 - December 15th 2019


White Eagle Spirit Talker

Shawn Leonard’s Book "The Language of Spirit"

The Language of Spirit by Shawn Leonard

Are you ready to be inspired and awoken to the spirit world? Are you ready to embrace your innate psychic senses?

The Language of Spirit takes readers on an incredible journey through the life of aboriginal/indigenous psychic medium Shawn Leonard. Through chronicling his life from a small boy to an adult, Shawns experiences will help anyone form a new deeper understanding of spirit connection and communication. Imparting real life lessons, this moving book will allow a richer knowledge of concepts such as reincarnation, ghosts, and spirit guides and angels, as well as the signs they send to show us we are never alone. Those who read these pages will also develop knowledge about aboriginal/indigenous spiritual culture.

Once you know how spirits use their own unique language to communicate, you will know clearly how to welcome their gifts into your life.

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