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"Spirit Talker Tribe" founded by Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard. Shawn will be teaching people in a online training group, how to grow spiritually, connect to your Spirit Guides, Angels and your Loved ones in the Spirit World. Ultimately develop your Intuition and Psychic abilities.

The Official Spirit Talker Tribe online training site will be open to sign up September 7th 2018 - Limited to September 30th 12:00 Midnight. Official training starts October 1st 2018. After September 30th 12:00 you will not  to have the ability to sign up again until September 2019.


Following the success path of each module listed below, you are going to take the exact steps that Shawn has taken to develop his own abilities. A new module of learning is released each month, that will help you move you one more step closer to helping you become more Spiritual, more Connected and more Intuitive and Psychic.

Grow in your Spirituality

Prayer -  Prayer and knowing how to pray is a forgotten asset! As more and more people are moving away from tradition religion, most people have lost or do not know how to talk to our creator and people in the spirit world.  Shawn will teach different types of prayer and how you can utilize prayer in your life to help yourself and others. (Month One)

Meditation - Meditation and its value in your daily life is incredibly rewarding when seeking presence and inner peace. There are many types of meditation! Shawn will be teaching the different types of meditation for development of your intuitive and psychic abilities  (Month Two)

Chakras and Aura - We all have inner light and spinning wheels of energy that vibrate within us. Shawn will be teaching how to activate them within yourself and open and remove any blockages. You will also learn about the light of your Aura that surrounds your body and how to utilize it when connecting and disconnecting to the Spirit world. If you are an Em-path or do any type of healing or spiritually related work this lesson will be very helpful. (Month Three)

Levels of the spirit World/ Psychic Protection - There are different levels of the spirit world energy that exist all around us. Shawn will help you to distinguish the difference and know which level of energy and spirit you are connected to. It is also important to learn how to cleanse your aura and utilize psychic protection. Learn and Understand the Ghost/Astral world and the Light of the Other side. (Month Four)

Grow in your Connection

Dreams -  Learn what different types of dreams there are and what they are communicating to you. From recurring dreams to daydreams, from dreams that comfort to dreams that force us to confront our deepest fears. Shawn will illuminate the path between our conscious and unconscious minds, and show you why our dreams are among the most important and misunderstood portals we have to the Spirit World.  (Month Five)

Signs and connecting to your loved ones in Spirit - Learn to understand the different types of signs spirit can communicate and their messages. Shawn will teach you how people in the spirit world connect to you now.  Learn how to interact with you loved ones how to know when they are with you. Through meditation/hypnosis, Shawn will help you make a re connection to your friends and family in the spirit world you can utilize anytime you wish.  (Month Six)

Spirit Guides - Shawn helps you find your spirit guides - The entities that are designated by you and our creator to assist you with life and give you guidance. You will not only learn how to tune into your guides, but you will also see how you can recognize who they are, the messages they can give you, and even discern what their names are so you will know how to refer to them. (Month Seven)

Angels - Do angels really exist? Can we call upon them when we need them? What do they look like and why are they here?  Learn How they  communicate to you, help you and work with you. (Month Eight)

Grow your Intuition and Psychic Abilities and Learn “The Language of Spirit”

Intuition /Clairsentience - (“Clear-feeling” or “Inner feeling”) Shawn will be teaching you how to understand and fine tune your Intuitive and clear feeling abilities. This ability can be used in all areas of life with making choices and decisions and helping with guidance for yourself and others. Learn how to avoid problems, situations and karma you don't need. Understand how the Spirit world can and does communicate messages to you via this ability. Learn to listen and trust your gut feelings, empathy and physical sensations. (Month Nine)

Clairvoyance - ("Clear-seeing") Almost everyone knows what clairvoyance is – it’s the ability to see Spirit through your minds inner sight and eyes. Clairvoyants can see energy fields, spirits, symbols and get visual premonitions. Shawn will teach you how to see and how to create space in your awareness so that spirit messages and guidance can come clearly into your own inner minds eyes. Shawn will teach you about literal and symbolic interpretations of the pictures you will learn to receive from the spirit world. (Month Ten)

Clairaudience - ("Clear-hearing") It is the ability to ‘hear’ Spirit. Clairaudience is that little voice inside you that issues warnings or gives guidance. It tends to speak to you when you are in danger or when you have an important decision to make that will impact on your life. Learn to hear and follow your inner voice and understand the messages and gifts they offer yourself and others. (Month Eleven)

Claircognizance-  ("Clear-knowing") Claircognizance ‘know’ certain things without being told. You have a sense of inner knowing that it would not be a good idea to accept the job you’ve just been offered, despite the fact that it seems perfect. You have a certainty that someone is lying about something, despite evidence to the contrary. You receive information about future outcomes. You get a truly inspired idea. Understanding when a Claircognizance infused idea has come into your conscious awareness. I see so many people already with this gift and ability and don't even realize they have it. As you have grown and learned over the past year your Claircognizance abilities will naturally present themselves. Shawn will teach you how to know when it does happen and allow it more fully into your life.  (Month Twelve)

Shawn's guidance and teachings will allow you to develop your Intuition and Psychic abilities. This is an very unique opportunity to be a part of a 12 month online training with Shawn Leonard. Following Shawn's guidance and success path of teachings, your life will will never be the same again. Your life will be more enriched, living a more spiritually connected Intuitive/Psychic reality.

The Official Spirit Talker Tribe training online site will be open to sign up on September 7th 2018 - Limited to September 30th 12:00 Midnight. Official training starts October 1st 2018.

After September 30th 12:00 you will not  to have the ability to sign up again until September 2019.

Starting October 1st my focus and energy will be with my students, helping them achieve the results I know they will get following my success path and teachings. 

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