At 16 years old, just one year after losing his father to a massive heart attack, Shawn received a visitation and a message from his father in Spirit, "We all have a purpose and one day you will help people understand their lives and bridge the gap between the physical world and the Spirit World."

In the three decades since that night Shawn has finely honed his ability as a medium and his connection to the Spirit World.

His gift has allowed him to help people all over the world as he communicates with departed loved ones, spirits and guides. The insights they share help us better understand our journey here on earth and provides healing for many people struggling with grief.

Shawn is a proud aboriginal person who works with spirit to heal hearts. Fittingly,  A respected Mi’kmaq elder gifted him with the name,

"White Eagle Spirit Talker.”

Star & Host of up & coming APTN TV show “Spirit Talker”

Author of “The Language of Spirit”

Founder of “Spirit Talker Tribe